A drag-drop based Surface Visualizer

A simple web-based visualization for flooring, wall decor and furniture covering surface materials products which support Virtual Reality interactions as well. SurfViz 3D visualizer for brands allows them to provide an easy tool to showroom and consumers to visualize their products. SurfViz has advanced features for patterns and grout customization at the same time simplicity of drag and drop.





Proven business benefits

Boost sales and improve customer experience with high value investment in the technology

Reduce customers decision-making time and shorten sales cycles.

Increase customers confidence before purchase.

Increase the customer engagement on the website and sales points.

Simplified yet a powerful turn-key solution


Various patterns for tiling, marble, wooden flooring and carpet flooring.


Rotto Prints

Support for random application of multiple images with different texture for a product.


Catalog Management

Easy to use online dashboard for catalog management.


Application Restriction

Restrict categories of product for certain application areas.


Default Customizations

Allow customizations to other surfaces than product application areas.


Accurate Finishes

Simulate actual product finish properties (ie. Rought, Matte, Glossy, Metallic etc) for accurate representation.


Snapshot Capture

Easy snapshot capture and download from the visualizer.


Link Share

Share link to 360 view of customized design by email.


Truly Universal

Vizmonk is web-based and doesn’t require any installation or third-party tools. It works on all devices from desktops to smartphones as well as supports the immersive view in the wide range of VR devices.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is this online visualizer? How will our user run this?

SurfViz is white-labeled online visualization solution which can be embedded from your website. It can be made publicly available or can be operated in login-only closed mode. Consumers and showrooms owners can use it from your website.

Can a user customise the house plan?

No. This is a simple and quick visualizer with pre-designed rooms and house 3D models. User can’t change the house layout or move furniture. If you are looking for a highly customizable visualizer, you can look at our online design software Decora Studio.

Can the user interface design be customized?

Yes. SurfViz solution is completely customizable and we will customize the user interface to match the brand design guideline and preference.

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