Interactive 3D-VR Architectural Walkthrough

Get your architectural projects’ 3D visuals converted into VR-Enabled immersive and interactive walkthroughs which can be run and viewed from all kinds of devices, from mobile devices to VR headsets.



Proven business benefits

Get unusually high ROI using the ArchiViz solution

Use Interactive 3D VR walkthroughs for pre-sales conceptual demonstration to impress prospects.

Receive a very high level of client satisfaction by ensuring clients are satisfied with designs before implementation.

Save time from repeated renderings for design options and site visits for the material sample demonstrations.

Simplified yet a powerful turn-key 3D VR walkthrough solution


AAA-Games grade graphics with PBR Materials, realistic lighting which works smoothly even in mobile devices. 



Allow viewers to change surface options (I.e. flooring, wallpaper etc) while viewing a walkthrough.



Add informative and explanatory labels or text to high design elements or features.



Create large walkthrough experience by allowing users to jump from one space to other (Ie. from outdoor to interior model by clicking on the wall)



Allow users to quickly visit and explore various parts of the space without walking to those places for quick navigation.



Set path for the tour of the space which can be auto-played without user interaction.


Truly Universal

Vizmonk is web-based and doesn’t require any installation or third-party tools. It works on all devices from desktops to smartphones as well as supports the immersive view in the wide range of VR devices.


Frequently Asked Questions


What do we need to provide for our architectural project?

You need to provide the 3D design (Model in any popular 3D format) for your project. If parts of your project aren’t available in the 3D model, we can design those. If design options need to be set up, assets for those design options (materials or alternate furniture models) and specification for the same.

How do we use ArchiViz walkthroughs?

ArchiViz walkthroughs are online and accessible by a unique link.  You can embed the viewer on your website, or show it to the client on laptop or tablet. You can also provide an immersive virtual reality experience at your office or client’s place.

How much does it cost?

Please reach out to us with project plan and brief we will provide the quotation within 12 hours. A small architectural project conversion from 3D visual to interactive VR supported walkthroughs can cost as low as just $300. Cost depends on the complexity of the 3D objects, not the physical dimensions of the project space.

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